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Scottish Ancestral Tourism

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It has been a long time since I last posted on this blog.  Things have been busy on this end of things, so not much time to blog.  I read recently in Dick Eastman's blog (a must read for any genealogist and family historian) about the need for Scotland to refocus its attention to ancestral tourism.  There is an article that Dick links to in his post from the Scotsman Newspaper online.  It can be found here:

An interesting statistic from the above Scotsman article shows a very promising and untapped resource in people of Scots ancestry.  The article states, " The study found ancestral tourism in Scotland is worth more than £400 million a year but that the market still had untapped potential. The £2.4bn figure is based on Visit­Scotland converting 20 per cent of the 50 million people with Scots blood around the world into potential visitors.  Of these, 4.3 million are said to be already interested in taking on planning a holiday in the next two years while more than five million are waiting to be attracted from key areas.  Of the 50 million, the Scottish Government estimates 9.4 million are American, 4.7 million Canadian and 1.5 million Australian."

This is a staggering bit of information.  I know in my own professional genealogy research for clients, many of my custom comes from these countries.  You can also add, New Zealand and South Africa to the list.    I know that many people visit Scotland every year, but out of all those how many come for researching their ancestry themselves, or after doing research into their family want to come to visit where their ancestors lived and worked.  To some this is a trip of a lifetime and being able to see and walk the same streets as ones ancestors can be a little emotional if not educational.  Seeing names, dates, and places on a sheet of paper is one thing, but being able to come to Scotland and have an "ancestral experience" makes it all come alive.

I have a few friends and colleagues who do engage in the Scottish Ancestral Tourism market.  If you are interested in going on an Ancestral Tour of Scotland, I can highly recommend the following folks to you:

Marie Dougan of Ancestral Consultants (West Lothian):

Steven McLeish of Scotia Roots (West Lothian):

Frances Black of Scottish Ancestor (Fife):

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