Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Heir Hunters Series This Evening BBC2

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The series of Heir Hunters comes on our tv screens tonight at 7:00 pm on BBC2.  This is the first time that the show has been on prime time.  In the past it has been shown at 9:00 am on the weekday mornings.  This change from morning to evening can potentially expose the show to more folks.  Unfortunately, it looks like the episode is a repeat, but I am sure that there are those out there that haven't seen it.

If you haven't ever seen this series it is really fascinating.  It normally follows the stories of 2 or 3 cases of people who have died without leaving a will or no known kin, and then potentially finding the deceased man or woman's heirs after their research work.  The most famous of the companies in the programme is Fraser and Fraser.  It makes one stressful watching them trying to beat the competition to the found heirs.  You end up rooting for them to find them first after watching them going through all that hard work.  Of course, the other companies are working just as hard, but not seen on the tv.

It is an enjoyable series to watch.  It shows genealogy done from a different angle and using different techniques.  It also really makes one think about the importance of getting their "business" in order before passing on.  There are so many people that do not leave a will or some sort of information about their family.  Some probably think that they don't have anything to leave, but that really doesn't matter in the end.  It is about a person's loved ones and the memories of one's life that are more important than things. 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Find My Past Episode 6 This Thursday

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This Thurday at 9:00 pm on Yesterday Channel will be the latest episode of the family history series Find My Past.  This is the episode that really looks the most interesting in my opinion, which is the Jack the Ripper episode.  To view the preview of this episode just click on the link:

What makes this episode intriguing to me is that when you watch the documentaries, etc. about the famous serial murderer Jack the Ripper you don't think about the victims families.   You don't really think about that these poor, viciously murdered women may have descendents out there.  One of the participants in this episode is the descendent of Catherine Eddowes, and another is a descendent of one of the policeman during that tragic event.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

London's The Place To Be On 24th-26th February 2012

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You might be asking what is happening in London on 24th-26th of February 2012.  Well, perhaps the date may be a clue.  Yes, it is Who Do You Think You Are Live.  It is that time again, and it looks to be a good outing as in the previous years.  I went to it last year and had a great time.  When I wasn't there on any official business, I often would listen to the talks and wonder the stalls looking for any new items to buy.
Also, it was a great chance to meet up with fellow colleagues of mine who were there too.

The tickets are now on sale.  It is cheaper to buy your tickets in advance rather than at the door.  The early bird price is £15.00 for the day, but goes up to £20.00 at the door (this is for one adult).  Children under the age of 16 get in FREE.  There is a £2.00 transaction fee that applies to all orders.  There are also two day and three day costs if you want to attend the whole event.  There is even a beginner and plantinum classification too.  I will not go into all of the details here, but you can go to the website for more information and see what's scheduled for the three days.  It is still early days yet, so the schedule and celebs may change before the actual event.

To view the ticket prices and to advance order your tickets just click on the link below:

To view the event website itself just click here:
This will give you the schedules, as well as more details on things. 

You will not be bored attending this show.  There is so much to see and do.  It is an event for the whole family.  It is a place to learn something new, whether a true beginner or an experienced expert.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Ever Thought About The History of Genealogy? There is Now a Book On It

Hello All:

I have just received in the mail today a new genealogy book.  However, this isn't any genealogy book.  This is a book about the history of genealogy.  Nope, no records or research tips and tricks type genealogy book, but one that is devoted to the study of the history of it. 

The book is called "Family Matters:  A History of Genealogy" by Mr. Michael Sharpe (2011 publication).  It is another great book by the publishers Pen and Sword (Chris Paton's books have been published by them too).  As I mentioned I have only just received the book in the mail today.  I have had a quick thumb through and it definitely looks like a great read to me.  Mr. Sharpe seems to have really done a great amount of work in putting this together. 

To quote the back on the book jacket, "Lankmark history of genealogy," "Puts family history research into a historical and social context,"  "Vivid descriptions of the careers of the pioneering genealogists over the past two centuries,"  "Historical insight into the extraordinary growth of the ancestry business."

Also, there is a brief blurb by none other than Dr. Nick Barratt, "This is a fascinating account of the rise of genealogy from a quirky hobby to a mainstream industry, lifting the lid on the personalities and politics behind the scenes."

The book retails at £19.99 and  US$39.95 from Pen and Sword.  Their website is  The book is available via the Pen and Sword website, or you can go to and it is available from there at the reduced price of £16.99.  I checked on US and the book will be available there on February 2012, but you can preorder at the price of  US$26.37. 

If outside the UK and you want the book before February 2012, you might want to buy directly from Pen and Sword.  In my opinion I think this book would make a great Christmas present for the genealogist in your life.  It is definitely different, fascinating, and not like any other genealogy book out there.  Well done Mr. Sharpe for doing a book like this.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Christmas/New Year Genealogical Research Discount Now On

Hello All:

I apologize for the shameless plug, but ....
With the Christmas and New Year holiday coming soon I thought I would give a quick mention about
the 15% Discount offer that I have going at McNicholl Genealogical Services.  I know some of you may be
trying to think of what to get as a present, and having a family history research project to give as a gift is always a fun idea. 

I don't normally have discount offers, but I do try to offer at least one this time of the year.  This 15% special holiday offer is good from now until 31st of January 2012.  The offer is good for any research performed - either a special request, a single line (paternal or maternal) family research, or a double line (paternal and maternal) family research.  For more information about our services please see our website at: