Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The 2nd Episode of Find My Past This Thursday

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The second episode of Find My Past tv series on Yesterday Channel in the UK is to be aired this Thursday at 9:00 GMT.  This episode is focused on the Titanic disaster and three ordinary folks who's ancestors were involved in one way or another with the Titanic on that tragic day.  Here is a link to a sneak peek of this week's episode:

I watched the first episode last week and offer a brief review of it.  This first episode of this newest family history series focused on the Battle of Dunkirk and its evacution to get the hundreds of thousands of soldiers back to Britain to escape the Nazi advance towards them.  And ultimately live to fight another day. 

The series follows three ordinary people and allows them to follow in the footsteps of their particular ancestor who was apart of the event.  One of the three had his grandfather who was one of the evacuees and the other two participants are their ancestor as part of the "little ships" who helped ferry soldiers back to the battleships, as well as carry soldiers back themselves to Britain.  The "little ships" played an important role in the whole campaign.  Without them it would be nearly impossible to get all the soldiers out safely.  There were some that did get killed by the German bombers or by a mine or torpedo.  One of the "little ships" focused on did get blown up while being tugged along back to the UK.

What makes this series special is that it does focus on the ordinary person and who their ancestor played a part in such an important event in history.  It really lets the participants in the show be a part of the historical event, giving them not only a historical account but what it must it been like, what the people must have felt and thought. 

What this series does not do is take the viewer into family trees such as what it done in Who Do You Think You Are?  Find My Past focuses solely on the one event and looks at it through the prism of the particular ancestor.  Sometimes in genealogy and family history we can focus too much on the name, date, and place but not delve too much into the history and social context of an ancestor.

Even though I have only seen the one episode so far I am really enjoying it.  You learn alot about not only the person's ancestor, but the historical event itself (factually and emotionally).  I am looking forward to seeing the rest of this series, this week's on on the Titanic will be really interesting.  What is also interesting to notice is that the participants in the series are relatively young (20s-40s) so far.  It is great to watch "younger" people be interested in family history.  It is always normally associated with an older generation, but this isn't the case.  It is something that is becoming more popular with people in their 30s and 40s.  This would actually make a good topic for another post.

I am hoping that this series will become popular and will kick start more interest in genealogy and family history as has WDYTYA has in the past.  However, I am very much the addict when it comes to anything genealogy and family history.

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