Friday, August 19, 2011

New Series of WDYTYA? UK Now Back On The BBC - Some Initial Impressions

Hello All:

As some of you may be aware the latest series of the UK version of Who Do You Think You Are? has been broadcast now for the past couple weeks.  It has been a wee while since new episodes have been shown.  As I have mentioned previously in other posts I am a fan of this series, and was quite happy to see it back on the air. 

It has been two weeks (two episodes) in now and I haven't really made any mention or comments regarding it up to now.  Those that have watched the series in the past it is pretty much the same but obviously with different celebs.  The first week of the new series features June Brown from Eastenders and the second episode featured Harry Potter author J K Rowling. 

I found both of these stories to be very interesting.  They offered a glimpse into two type of ethnic research that I don't think have been shown before or not too much.  One was June Brown's Jewish roots.  What makes it different is that this was Sephardic Jewish roots.  This was a Jewish community that I have not heard about before.  It was a good learning experience watching June discovering this area of her family.

The second episode just aired last Wednesday night was that of J K Rowling's French roots.  What was impressive was that I felt that she was really interested in learning about these ancestors, and felt a connection to her own life as a single mother.  I think that she was really able to imagine and relate to their plight.  There was a sense of pride and sadness together throughout her discoveries into the family.  What was interesting was the topic of the Franco-Prussian War and how it literally changed the nationality of some of her ancestors.  Still living in the area of Alsace-Lorraine, but becoming German up until the end of WW1.  It must have been really strange - identified and born and being French, but now you are supposed to be German. 

Next week it is Lord Seb Coe's turn.  This one should be another good story.  So far I am really enjoying the episodes to the new series.  It must be pretty good as my husband even watched one of the episodes with me and found it interesting.

Until Next Time . . .