Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 SAFHS Conference Report

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As I had mentioned in a previous post, I attended the 2011 SAFHS Conference in Edinburgh on Saturday.  I was mainly there in a more official capacity in that I was helping to man the ASGRA stand most of the afternoon.  However, I did go in the morning to get a chance to see all the vendors and all the goings on beforehand. 

This was my first conference to attend, so I can't really compare it to previous ones.  However, I had been told by some folks that it was a larger crowd than last year.  The vendors were on three floors, and the talks were given on the basement level of the Adam House where the conference was held.  I didn't get a chance to listen to any of the speakers, but no doubt that they would have been interesting, and have heard that many people did enjoy them. 

One of the things about going to a SAFHS Conference is that it is not in the same place every year.  I think last year it was in Livingstone and then this coming year it is to be in Dundee.  The various family history societies host each year's conference.  It is a pretty good idea to do things this way as it doesn't get boring being in the same place time after time.  Also, it gives the hosting society a chance to "show-off" a bit as host.

The thing that I enjoy most is patrolling the vendors for new books to buy.  I wouldn't be a good genealogist if I didn't.  And, this conference didn't fail.  I was able to land my hands on the very hot off the press book by Andrew Nicoll called "Scottish Catholic Family History: A family historian's guide to Catholic Parish Registers and Cemetery Reords for Scotland and the Bishopric of the Forces."  I know it is a long title, but what a great book.  I have had a quick look at it and it is a very excellent book to own.  It not only gives a listing of the parishes and years of their records, but also explains the documents themselves, called "Understanding the Records."  It is not a bad price for it either at £10.00.  For me, and I know of other colleagues that have bought the book during the conference, this book is a definite one to have on the shelf.

Another great thing about the conference is that it is a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues.  Genealogy can be a bit of a solitary experience, but it is events such as this that everyone can have a good talk and a laugh as well as talking about things in the industry.  It is a great chance to meet all sorts of folks.  I think genealogists are perhaps some of the most friendliest people about.  But, I suppose I am biased.

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Anonymous said...


Vey interesting thank you for the update.


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the new book by Andrew Nicoll?


Hello Andy:

Thank you for your comment.
I think that you can go to the website at:

The book is published by them but is called The Aquhorties Press.
It is just brand spankin' new and isn't showing up in other places just yet. But, I would contact SCA and get ahold of the book straight from the source.