Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Genealogy Is More Than A Hobby

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Upon reading many of the other genealogy blogs that I like to read each day, there was one that really struck a cord with me. The blog is from James Tanner's Genealogy Star. He had an entry entitled "The Heart and Soul of Genealogy." I think that his writing on this subject is worth sharing to others as it really hits home why some people become so "addicted" to genealogy and family history. Why some people cannot let go of finding that elusive ancestor. Genealogy is more than just names and dates, but it is your ancestor's life. Also, it comes back to who you are yourself (who am I and where did I come from ... types of questions).

It makes historical events become more personal and more interesting when an ancestor can be placed at a particular time and place. For example, one of my g, g, grandfathers was captured at the battle of Island Number 10 by Union soldiers during the US Civil War. I had never heard of this battle before (it wasn't one of the more major ones that are better known), but when I learned of this from his service records, I immediately went to look for further information about it.

I think I will leave it here and let you read Mr. Tanner's words yourself, as I don't think I could really say it any better.

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