Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year Means New Fee Increases in Scotland

Hello All -

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and are settling into the new year well. For my first post of the year is a bit of important news regarding fee increases across the board from the Scottish GRO, etc. So, it looks like doing research in Scotland will cost us a bit more for this new year.
The General Register Office for Scotland has issued a news posting on their website about the
new fee increases, along with a pdf of the listings of the fees themselves.

In turn, this is going to affect everyone - those who are amateur researchers as well as those who work in the profession as professional genealogists, who will have to put the increase into their costs of working with a client.

This is unfortunate for us all, but there isn't much that can be done. The government has spoken. It is hoped that perhaps when things get better economically things will not increase any further for a good while, but I suppose this is wishful thinking on my part.

Sorry to have to bring such a damper on the new year, but I felt that it was important to notify folks of the new fees happening here in Scotland.

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