Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Reflection On This Series of WDYTYA?

Hello All -

Well, now that this series of UK Who Do You Think You Are? is over I thought I would give some personal reflection of it. I think as a whole it was ok compared to previous series. There were a couple that were a bit boring - Bruce Forsyth, Rupert Everett, and Alexander Armstrong where the main ones that I felt were a bit of a snoozer or disappointing. I had missed three of the episodes while I was in the US in August, but did watch them on "catch up" when I got back home. I admit that I turned off the Alexander Armstrong episode halfway through.

The other ones apart from the three mentioned above I thought were good and interesting to watch. There were stories that held your attention and wanting to find out what happens. They were also good ones to watch for the different record types and countries involved in the research.

Some of the episodes only focused on the one ancestor in the story, but I think that that one ancestor was that interesting to follow for the entire programme. Personally, I do like the ones where you get to follow a few more lines of the person's tree. Especially when the person doesn't know much of anything at all about their family and the discoveries are all new to them and you see their reactions.

This is just my personal opinion of things, as I know that some of you may not agree with my choices of boring and good episodes. Overall, I still think that WDYTYA is a great programme and it is great to see it being shown in various countries with their version (Australia, US, etc.).
NBC in the US had already planned to do their second series, which is great news.

I was fortunate to watch a couple of the episodes as repeats while I was in the US. Being in the UK, unless you have a special VPN type software or other way of bypassing the country restrictions, one cannot watch the episodes online on the NBC website. The BBC did show about three episodes though (Brooke Shields, Susan Sarandan, and Jessica Parker). One of the episodes that I watched that I really enjoyed was the Emmitt Smith one - I might be biased being a big Dallas Cowboys fan. However, I hope that the US version will slow down a bit as I found that it went a bit too quickly on the ancestors and skipping up the tree without knowing how they got there. The Emmitt Smith episode was a good one for being more focused on the one family line or ancestor at a time.

Can't wait to see what the next series will be like and who it will feature. Hopefully they will make more episodes as I think the series is still popular with the public.

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