Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Breakthrough in Helping Families Go Back To Their Roots

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A nice article in the Scotland Herald yesterday. According to the article, "Scottish scientists have found a way to identify a person’s family roots to within a few miles, raising the possibility that city dwellers could soon trace their descendants back to their ancestral village." They say that the technique could be in effect within 5 years. This sounds quite exciting news for the world of genealogy and family history. It will be interesting to see it work and how accurate it will be after all the inital tests are done. There does appear to be a bit of a drawback though in the research, "The method cannot yet be applied to people who live in cities, as the industrial revolution and subsequent urbanisation mixed up the gene pool." The science of DNA and family history is getting more sophisticated step by step. No telling how much we will learn from our DNA and our ancestry in the future.

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