Sunday, May 09, 2010

New UK Family History Magazine on the Market

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There is a new kid on the block in the family history magazine market - it is called Your Family History. It is edited by Nick Barratt, which in itself is a good reason to buy this magazine. What makes this magazine a bit different from the others is that according to Mr. Barratt's introduction article "YFH is different from other titles you might have seen in two important respects. Firstly, we’ve assembled a team of leading experts, researchers and historians to show you not only how to discover who your ancestors were, but also guide you into the rich local and social history that brings context to their lives. We will be featuring a range of topics each issue, linking your personal research with local and national heritage themes through our connections with English Heritage, National Trust and the world of archives.
However, what makes us unique is that we want to featureYOUR stories, YOUR discoveries, YOUR mysteries and YOUR documents."

Who are the experts for the magazine: Dr. Barratt, Laura Berry, Dr. Julia Hofmann, Dr. Jessica Lutkin, Chris Pomery, Amber Strang, and Dave Annal. All have many years of experience in family history, and their specializations. You can go to the magazine website at to read more about these experts.

The first issue is out now. I have purchased this issue the other day, and it seems to be really good. It has a "How To" section, a "Casebook" section, "Social History" section, "Local Archives" section, "History Mysteries" section, "On The Web" section, and the "People's Archive" section, plus reviews of software and books on the market or soon to be coming on the market.

The layout and graphics are quite similar to Your Family Tree magazine, but Your Family History does things their own way in its content - as Dr. Barratt states in his introduction it is more focused on social history and you as a family historian, and not so much as a beginner's guide to doing basic research like the other magazines. Social history can be somewhat left out when first doing family history research, but this magazine puts it into the forefront and shows how vital it is in family history. It lets your ancestors be alive and not just a name and date and place - these folks had lived a life and it is important not to forget them in their historical context. As the saying goes - "putting flesh on the bones." This is what makes family history so much fun.

To find out more about this new magazine please view their website at Also, they are offering Dr. Nick Barratt's new book for free with every new subscription. That in itself is worth it. Dr. Barratt is one of the leading UK genealogists today, and his work is excellent. You can also go to any W.H. Smiths and other newsagents and booksellers to get a copy.

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