Friday, May 28, 2010

History Cold Case BBC2

Hello All -

There has been a very interesting tv programme on BBC2 on Thursday nights called "History Cold Case." I think the series is over now, but I think you can still watch episodes of it on the BBC website, or on catch-up via Virgin Media Cable TV. Here is the link for the programme:

I only saw last night's episode - "Crossbones Girl." I must say that I really enjoyed this show. It is definitely a show that would be of great interest to family historians. According to the BBC website in a brief description of the show, "History series which sees skeletons of everyday people from across the ages analysed in staggering detail, opening new windows on the history of our forebears."

Since I have only been able to watch the last episode, I can't say much about the previous ones. However, last night's show really bought the skeletal remains into social context very well. They even may have found what this very young woman's name may have been - their discoveries fit quite well with the name found in the hospital and burial records. That is what I call quality and thorough research. The programme really brought this woman to life, even did a facial reconstruction of her skull to show what she may have looked like. By the end of the show you felt that you had a sense of who she was and felt sorry for her - she appears to have been a young prostitute suffering from syphilis who died very young (possibly 19 years old).

History Cold Case if a very well done programme and hopefully the BBC will do another run of it soon.

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Anonymous said...

try and catch the case they did last week regarding a burial found in Stirling castle .