Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy to Receive the Happy 101 Award

Hello All -

Just received the Happy 101 Award. Many thanks to Earline Hines Bradt of Ancestral Notes blog for the honour.

The responsibilities of receiving this award include naming ten things that make you happy and then passing it along to ten friends. Ten things that make me happy are (in no particular order):

1. Being a genealogist and all that goes with it

2. My family and friends

3. Working on the computer (doing family history of course, other things too)

4. Books/Reading - nonfiction

5. Cooking - not French Chef quality, but good homecooking

6. Hill Walking in the Scottish countryside

7. Taking day trips in the car

8. My faith

9. Being from Texas and my southern roots

10. Being in Scotland in the Summer months and not in Texas

The ten people I would like to honor with this award are - ones that I think have not been honoured yet (please excuse me if the award has been given to you already):

Thank you again for the award - it makes me very happy.

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