Friday, November 13, 2009

For The Genealogist In Your Life

Hello All -

Well, it is that time of year again - Christmas shopping on the brain. Here are some ideas for either yourself or another genealogy-mad person this year.

Here is a great site for mugs, tshirts, etc. called JMK:

Another good site for research supplies is a UK company called Family Tree Folk:

How about some genealogy books or software or CDs - Amazon (USA and UK) is a good place to start. and

There is also the Canadian company called Global Genealogy:

There is also the UK company S & N:

Another good idea is the Genealogy Calander offered by Genealogy Daily:
or from The Family History Store at:

How about a years subscription to a genealogy magazine or family history society. I will not name them all here, but such as Your Family Tree (UK), Family Tree Magazine (US), National Genealogical Society, the Scottish Genealogy Society, or any of the many local county family history societies.

These are just some ideas, but I am sure that there are other items out there that you might have your heart set on. There are many places to look now online for everything family history you can think of. I have just given a very surface mention off the top of my head of some places to look - just use the shop that you know and trust, especially when online shopping.

Something May Not Seem Right....

Hello All -

I saw this cartoon recently and thought it was quite funny, but too true when it comes to doing research. This is something that doesn't seem right - was an ancestor baptized before he was born? Do you have an ancestor that shows a birth that was after the mother's death date, or was shown to be born when the mother was in her 70s?

These are just a few examples of what to look out for. If it doesn't make sense than it probably isn't right. It is best to go back and check the facts, and also to see if there was just a simple typo from someone recording the information.

I have seen this quite often online on websites that allow people to upload their family histories for public viewing. Many times a simple typo or other mistake in researching can cause others to fall into the same mistake and it keeps getting spread to other people research the same family. A newbie family researcher can easily fall into this trap of using these mistaken trees.

I encourage anyone who puts their family tree online to please be very sure that your information is correct and you have followed the GPS (Genealogical Proof Standard) in performing your research. Always reference your work as well; that way others can go and check too - they can see where you got your data from.