Monday, July 27, 2009

The Mitchell Library in Glasgow videos

Hello All -

Found a great site about the archives at The Mitchell Library in Glasgow. There are six parts of this video. It is very informative about the various sources available at the library. If you get a chance go to see their archives in Glasgow. The Mitchell Library is probably the best archive for the Western area of Scotland apart from Edinburgh's archives.

The link to view these videos is listed here:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

STV Interview with Dr. Bruce Durie

Hello All -

In conjuction with the International Genealogy Festival happening at this very moment in Glasgow, STV (the Scottish ITV channel in UK) has done an extended interview with Dr. Bruce Durie, one of the organizers of the festivals, and considered one of the premier authorities on Scottish genealogy (at least in my opinion). Check it out at the link below.

If you haven't gone to the festival yet, there is still time, it goes on until Friday evening. If you are in the Glasgow area pop in and see what's happening.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Message From Marilyn Morning Of TalkingScot.Com

Hello All -

I was asked by Marilyn Morning from the Talking Scot website to pass this message along to you all. Here is the message below:

Dear TS member:

We are contacting you to confirm that TalkingScot is ALIVE!! The company who owned the server shut it down giving no prior warning to those whose sites were stored there. The TalkingScot Administrative group has confirmed that ours is not the only web site affected - there are several others leaving posts to the same effect on the web.. It came as a surprise to everyone, not just Talkingscot. We have been successful in engaging the services of a new server host for TalkingScot. It is now down to how long the rebuild from backup materials will take. One of the AG members will post a note;topicseen#new as soon as we're up and running.

In the meantime, please feel free to share this e-mail with any of your TalkingScot connections, as we will be unable to contact ALL of the 3,000 plus members immediately. We are looking forward to being back online as soon as possible and we thank you for your patience and support.

TalkingScot Administration Group

Friday, July 10, 2009

GenealogyWise - Facebook for Genealogists

Hello All -

I saw this on the newsletter from Family Tree Magazine (USA) - GenealogyWise social networking site. It looks very interesting. I have had a quick look at it, but not enough to give a thorough opinion just yet. Here is a excerpt from the article below:

"FamilyLink Launches "Facebook for Genealogists"
Posted by FamilyLink has launched a new social networking site especially for genealogists called GenealogyWise. Randy Seaver, whose Genea-Musings blog clued us in to the quiet launch of GenealogyWise, has posted some screenshots and thoughts.

FamilyLink likely invited a small group to join so the site will already be lively when an official announcement goes out. GenealogyWise does appear to be buzzing with activity. Similar to Facebook, you create a profile, find friends, set up groups, upload photos and invite people to events.

There’s also a discussion forum, blog and video areas any GenealogyWise member can contribute to, a genealogy search (this links you to the World Vital Records subscription site), a store (also goes to World Vital Records) and a chat area.FamilyLink is also owner of World Vital Records, the We’re Related and MyFamily Facebook applications, interactive history site, and several other ventures. Interestingly, FamilyLink has another genealogy social network, FamilyHistoryLink, launched in 2007 as FamilyLink (it was renamed when the company took FamilyLink as its corporate name). FamilyHistoryLink still wears a beta label and looks dated in comparison to GenealogyWise. "

It will be interesting to see if this will take off. There are already a numerous number of genealogists and family historians using Facebook. At the moment GenealogyWise is in its infancy, so it is hard to say. There is the possibility that too many social networking sites can cause folks to stay away - they can't keep up with all these sites all the time. However, I think it is a good idea to have a social networking site just especially for genealogists. Whereas Facebook is there for just about everyone and anything of interest.

Here is the link for GenealogyWise if you want to see more about it.