Friday, May 08, 2009

John Grenham Interview on Roots TV

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I recently briefly talked about Irish ancestry in my St. Patrick's Day post. On that theme, there is a great interview by Dick Eastman who is interviewing John Grenham.
Please view the interview here:

John Grenham is one of the top experts in Irish genealogy and family history. His book "Tracing Your Irish Ancestors" is in my opinion the bible of Irish family history publications. He also writes extensively for the Irish Times - at

One of the main reasons why as a Scottish genealogist it is of interest to know about John and his work is because of the vast amount of Scottish ancestors that came from Ireland (mainly what is now Northern Ireland). His book(s) are extensive in their knowledge and material content - each edition of his book Tracing Your Irish Ancestors gets bigger every time with new pages.

If you don't have a copy of John's book or any of his other publications, go out and get them. It is one definitely for your bookshelf - help beat the credit crunch and buy genealogy books.

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