Friday, May 08, 2009

Interview with Cyndi Howells on Roots TV

Hello All -

Another good interview by Dick Eastman on Roots TV with Cyndi Howells - the woman behind the list. See the interview here:

If you are new to genealogical research (even if you are not and are a more seasoned pro), Cyndislist is the place to go ( This website is in my guess the main website that most all folks who are interested in family history have saved on their favorites list, and with good reason. Cyndi Howells has done a great service for the genealogical community - she has created a website that is possibly the main portal for almost all websites involving family history. This such a great tool to use when wanting to locate websites for almost anything you can think of - countries, organizations, computers, researchers, web blogs, booksellers, the list goes on and on.

Also, there is always something new to find on the list. It is always worth a look to see what new links there are. If you haven't viewed cyndislist, please do - you will be using it constantly.

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