Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scotlands People Interactive Experience

Hello All -

Just thought I would mention about the neat feature found on Scotlandspeople website - their interactive experience for beginning researchers in Scottish genealogy. This can be found at the following link http://www.scotlandspeoplehub.gov.uk/Interactive/interactive-experience.html

I had a wee shot at it to see what it was like. It is quite a good little tool to help people get started in their research of their ancestors in Scotland. The website will give easy to follow instructions on what to do at each page. It is a step by step process that the site walks you through. It starts at the very beginning of ones research with yourself and working backwards. It also is a good way to learn what the records are in Scotland and what information they have. It is quite a fun thing to do. I think budding family history researchers will get the bug when they play with this interactive tool.

Even if you are a well seasoned genealogists and you know the research process, I think it is worth trying the site out just to see what it is like. I think it would be definitely worthwhile to play around with it for the beginner just about to start their research. It will give a bit more confidence in the actual nitty-gritty aspects of doing the searching in the Centre in Edinburgh.

A good idea that the Centre has this on their site.

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