Sunday, April 05, 2009

2009 Genealogy Software Review

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I thought I would make a mention regarding the new genealogy software review for the 10 most popular software programs on the market at the moment. If you are looking to buy a software program for your family history, it is best to look around and find one that suits your needs and wants. Also, if you are a beginner with computers, it is also best to find a program that is not too hard to work. In this case I would probably stay away from The Master Genealogist, in my opinion. This program has a steep learning curve, and is not suitable for the beginner. For the budding genealogy software user, I would probably go for Rootsmagic or Family Tree Maker. They are both easy to use and are not too involved. Plus they offer a great number of features to do most anything you would like to do with your family history research.

Please note that these are just my opinions, and it is best to find the right program for you - my opinions are founded in my experience in working with these programs myself. Here is a website that is very good at giving a good overview of the 10 most popular genealogy software.

I would also look at the actual websites for these software programs to see more about what they offer. Also, look around for other reviews for these software programs. I would keep an open mind when looking at the reviews on the actual software programs websites themselves as they are trying to sell you their product - definitely look at objective reviews without any agenda behind it (such as the link above).

I would recommend for any family historian/genealogist to definitely get a genealogy software program. It is so worth the money, and an essential tool in your research (as well as keeping things organized, etc.).

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Duke said...

Reunion for Macintosh is the best genealogy software I ever used. I was able to enter my g.g.grandfather's 18 children and four wives with no difficulty - something I was unable to do with a popular PC genealogy software. .

Actually, Reunion is one of the best pieces of software I ever purchased. It has not locked up or crashed after 6 yeears, three OS upgrades and two new printers. As a Mac user I am nor disappointed, but I am surprised I can use it on the latest OSX Leopard upgrade. I give Reunion genealogy software for Mac users ***** (5 stars).