Monday, March 30, 2009

Pre 1855 Scottish Deaths and Burials Go Online

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On April 01, 2009 (Wednesday) the Old Parish Registers of deaths and burials will go online at the scotlandspeople website. However, if you are researching at the facilities in Edinburgh they will not be available until later one in the year. Here is the news about it all from the scotlandspeople centre website:

Launch of Scottish Old Parish Register Deaths and Burials online, 1 April 2009
The Old Parish Register deaths and burials are being launched at on Wednesday 1st April.Why are these records not available at the ScotlandsPeople Centre at the same time?

Users of the ScotlandsPeople Centre system will be aware that there have been problems with the system sometimes slowing down or even freezing due to overload issues. At the moment the system is cleared and re-booted each night to clear the memory but this is not a long term solution because some of the problems still persist.

To sort our overload problem, our specialist computer staff need to alter the search facility and make it more efficient. This work should be complete by the Summer 2009.

Whilst our IT staff are resolving these problems, there are no resources available to add these records to the system.

One of the outcomes of the proposed system changes will that it will be possible to search for a marriage prior to 1929 using both the bride and groom’s name, which will be an improvement.
Access to the microfilm for the Old Parish Register deaths and burials will continue to be made available to day search customers.

When will these records be available at the ScotlandsPeople Centre?
At this stage we can only say that we expect that the records should be available at the ScotlandsPeople Centre by December 2009.

Hopefully this is not an "April Fools" joke.

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