Saturday, February 07, 2009

Genealogy Search Basics Video Tutorial

Hello All -

Being a bit of a tech nerd, and being a big advocate of online resources as well as using modern technology and techniques for genealogy research, I thought I would incorporate genealogy/family history tutorials found online (normally found on You Tube) in my blog.

One of the biggest search engines out there is Google, and I use it as my homepage for Internet Explorer. In this video tutorial that I have chosen to start out with is demonstrating how to use online search engines such as Google in your family history research. It is almost a given that in doing your research gathering that you will use a search engine - it is just one of those tools that is automatically used without even thinking about it.

Apart from doing initial interviews with family members or friends that knew your family, and maybe having found vital documents (such as birth, marriage, or death certificates) in your family's possession, using search engines is a way of doing further research on your family tree (you should go to do research at archives and libraries most importantly if you are able). Using search engines such as Google is just another tool to use in your research, and it shouldn't be the only method. Also, you should be careful about the information that is found online - it may not be reliable or accurate. Be cautious and wary if things don't seem right.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial I have picked, and it will be informative for you in your family history research.

I will try to have further tutorials in future blog entries, so please come back again.

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