Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wizard of Id Comic - The King's Family History

I saw the mention of this comic on Eastman's website, but he didn't put the actual strip on his site (just a link to it). I have put the strip here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Credit Crunch Genealogy Research

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With the economy in a bad state in most places now days, I thought I would focus on low cost family history research. Here are some links to articles and ideas on budget genealogy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Genealogy Software Program

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Just saw that there is a new genealogy software program out. It is called My Blood Line.
It can be used for PC and MAC. It looks quite interesting, and has some good features. I have not tried it myself. To find out more about this new program see their website at

Monday, February 09, 2009

Homecoming Scotland 2009 Ancestral & Heritage Events

Here is the Homecoming Scotland 2009 Ancestral and Heritage Event Guide taken from their website www.homecomingscotland2009.c0m
I chose these events as it would more of an interest to the family historian and genealogist.

Ancestral and Heritage Events in 2009 at a glance:

You may be planning to come home to Scotland to research your family history, or your attachment to Scotland may be emotional rather than simply genetic. Whatever your relationship, 2009 is the year to visit with some 300 festivals and events signed up to participate in Scotland’s year of Homecoming! Within the packed programme, there’s a wealth of ancestral-related events ranging from clan gatherings to heritage themes and explorations of how Scots abroad have shaped their countries and communities.

Read on for a wee taste......This is Who We Are Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dumfries, Jan 24 – Nov 2009 This photographic exhibition demonstrates the strong influence of Scots abroad when they travelled and named 1000 Canadian towns after their homeland.

Famous Scots Edinburgh, Jan 26 – Dec 31In 2009, a series of exhibitions will illustrate the results of genealogical research into the family histories of six famous living Scots.

Scottish Tides Polish SpringPerth, February 1 – April 30Celebrate the comings and goings of Scots and Poles through the centuries through theatre, music and visual art.

.The Scottish Family History Fair and SAFHS Conference Aberdeen, April 25This event will appeal to anyone interested in their Scottish roots, whether they are experienced genealogists or have yet to start researching their family history.

.Meet Your Ancestors in Clackmannanshirethroughout Clackmannanshire, June 1 – Nov 30 (TBC)Discover your roots and meet some of the people who helped to shape Clackmannanshire.

Return to the RidingsScottish Borders, June 1 – 8 AugustHomecoming year extends the invitation to Border Scots throughout the world to return to their Ridings.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor. Routes to your Scottish Roots Stirling, Jun 19 - 21A family history conference that focuses on Stirling records and sources but which contains information and tips that could equally be applicable anywhere in the world.

A Home Away from Home: The Scottish Emigration Experience Edinburgh, Jun 26 – Oct 11Follow the experiences of the ordinary Scots who over the centuries left their homeland to find a better life abroad.

Dumfries Family History Homecoming Fair Dumfries, June 27Exploring local heritage with a day of stalls, heritage groups, talks and a local library and archive service.

North East Clan Fortnight Aberdeen City and Shire, July18 – August 3A unique programme of Homecoming celebrations in the North East, including conferences and clan gatherings.

International Genealogy Festival Glasgow, July 21 - 24A celebration of Scots Genealogy, Family History and Heraldry with a major exhibition, lectures, historic walks and visits and much more!

The Gathering 2009Edinburgh, July 25 - 26Be a part of history; join clan members from around the world to witness Scotland's largest ever Highland Games in the inspiring Holyrood Park.

The Scottish Diaspora Forum Edinburgh, July 25The first Scottish Diaspora Forum, held in the Scottish Parliament, will explore the rich potential of the global Scots family.

The Clan Ross Gathering Tain, 12 – 13 AugustRosses from home and abroad are invited to meet with Chief David Ross of Ross and Balnagown and immerse themselves in the culture and heritage of Ross.

Island Emigrants – Conference on Emigration from the Outer Hebrides Isle of Harris, 10 – 12 SeptemberMeet with islanders and descendants of emigrants from the Hebrides to all parts of the world over the last 250 years.

Clan Scott Society Gathering Scottish Borders, 24 – 27 SeptemberThe first ever international gathering of Clan Scott at its ancestral home, Bowhill, in the Scottish Borders.

Angus and Dundee Roots Festival Angus and Dundee, 26 September – 5 OctoberA packed programme for people whose ancestors came from Angus and Dundee to visit and find out more about their ancestral homeland.

Baxters Loch Ness Marathon and Festival of RunningLoch Ness, 4 OctoberAs part of Homecoming Scotland 2009 the Marathon and Festival of Running is introducing a Clan Challenge. For more details, contact Rachel Phillips.

Highland Homecoming – ur beatha dhan dùthaich!Inverness, 15 – 31 October 2009
One of the highlights of the Highlands' contribution to the Homecoming Scotland celebrations takes the form of a fortnight-long series of events that will explore and celebrate the way Scots have shaped countries and communities around the world.

A major event of Highland Homecoming is ‘Scotland's Global Impact’, a three-day conference to be held in Inverness between 22-4 October 2009 that will bring together prominent academics, historians and other experts to throw new light on the impact of movement to and from our country.

Appealing to anyone with an interest in Scottish ancestry and the global role Scots have played in shaping our world, the conference themes include a focus on early migration patterns to and from Scotland, as well as assessing the trends in contemporary population movement; examining our ancestors’ desire to travel from Scotland to North America, Australia, New Zealand and beyond; and looking at the role of the Scots in the military at home and abroad from the 17th to 19th centuries.

Hear about the peoples who made Scotland, and contrast this with our current migration patterns. Discover the connected lives and legends of Abraham Lincoln and Robert Burns. Explore the long distance relationships Scotland holds with New Zealand and Australia. And hear how Scottish soldiers have contributed to campaigns both fighting for their own territory and for that of their allies. Visit now to find out more and to register your interest.Featuring speakers including Professor Ted Cowan, Professor Tom Devine, Professor Jim Hunter, Professor John Mackenzie and Dr Tony Pollard.

Dumfries and Galloway FHS Fair 2009

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As part of the Homecoming Scotland 2009, the Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society is hosting a family history fair and exhibition on 27 June 2009 at the Dumfries Academy in Dumfries. Please see the link to find out more information.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Genealogy Search Basics Video Tutorial

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Being a bit of a tech nerd, and being a big advocate of online resources as well as using modern technology and techniques for genealogy research, I thought I would incorporate genealogy/family history tutorials found online (normally found on You Tube) in my blog.

One of the biggest search engines out there is Google, and I use it as my homepage for Internet Explorer. In this video tutorial that I have chosen to start out with is demonstrating how to use online search engines such as Google in your family history research. It is almost a given that in doing your research gathering that you will use a search engine - it is just one of those tools that is automatically used without even thinking about it.

Apart from doing initial interviews with family members or friends that knew your family, and maybe having found vital documents (such as birth, marriage, or death certificates) in your family's possession, using search engines is a way of doing further research on your family tree (you should go to do research at archives and libraries most importantly if you are able). Using search engines such as Google is just another tool to use in your research, and it shouldn't be the only method. Also, you should be careful about the information that is found online - it may not be reliable or accurate. Be cautious and wary if things don't seem right.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial I have picked, and it will be informative for you in your family history research.

I will try to have further tutorials in future blog entries, so please come back again.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Genealogy Book of the Month

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Here is another one of my ideas. Choosing a genealogy/family history book of the month.

And the winner is ....
The Scottish Family Tree Detective by Rosemary Bigwood

This is a Scottish genealogy blog after all, so the first book should definitely be one about Scottish family history. It is a very thorough book that involves all aspects of Scottish genealogy. I have it in my collection and would highly recommend it to anyone. This book is available from Amazon and most major British booksellers (W H Smith, Waterstones, etc.).

Find out next month what the next pick will be.

Genealogy Website of the Month

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I had mentioned previously in my blog about hoping to put some new ideas into this blog. Well here is the first item. My Genealogy Website of the Month (this is just my opinion of what I think is a good website).

And the winner is.....

I know that was an easy one to pick. Many of you probably already use this great resource. However, for those who haven't yet, I would encourage you to use it. It does cost money as it is a subscription service. But, they do offer a 2 week free trial. There are also a few subscription choices depending upon your budget. Because I work as a professional genealogist, I use the Worldwide service (excellent choice for those who need to find things in different countries).
Ancestry is always updating their databases, so you can always look forward to something new to look at.

Next month I will nominate another great website, so stay tuned.

Monday, February 02, 2009

1911 Scottish Census News

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Some of you may have heard that the 1911 Census returns from England and Wales are now in the process of being made public. However, you may not know what is happening in regards to the Scottish Census for 1911. Here is an excerpt from the General Registry Office of Scotland website about what is happening with the 1911 census for Scotland:

The position in Scotland regarding access to the 1911 Census differs from that in England and Wales. The Census in Scotland is devolved to the Scottish Parliament and Administration. Scottish legislation (Section 38 and 58 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002) exempts personal Census records from disclosure until after a 100 year closure period.

So, while 1911 Census information for England and Wales is being made available, the same does not apply to information in the Scottish 1911 Census.

The Registrar General for Scotland believes that this strikes a balance between the interest of the records to family historians and the privacy of the people recorded by the Census, some of whom will still be alive. People who completed the 1911 Census were promised confidentiality. Although that is a long time ago, it is important not to call into question the validity of the equivalent promise on modern Census forms. That could deter people from filling in the Census form, reducing the response rate and making the Census results (which are so important for many aspects of Scottish life) less accurate.

The Registrar General for Scotland plans to release the Scottish 1911 Census information just after the date of the 2011 Census (27 March 2011), by which time the 100 year closure period will have ended.