Friday, January 30, 2009

New Ideas For The Blog

Hello All -

I was thinking about what things I can do to add to this blog. I thought what would be a good thing to do would be to have a monthly feature to focus on the great things that are out there in the genealogy world. For example a Genealogy Book of the Month, a Genealogy Website of the Month, etc. This is of course just my opinion for what I think is good and should be focused on.

Keep a look out for these new features....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

USA Version of Who Do You Think You Are Coming Soon

Hello All -

I just happened to blog about this the other day, and just found out that the NBC Network will be airing the US version of Who Do You Think You Are. Here is an excerpt from Eastman's website about the program:

"Who Do You Think You Are?," a very popular British television that has since been exported to other countries. Each country produces their own shows, featuring local television personalities and stories. Now NBC will bring the television program to American viewers, starting April 20. The program will air on Mondays at 8 p.m.
"Who Do You Think You Are?" will feature American celebrities, including Lisa Kudrow, Sarah Jessica Parker and Susan Sarandon, as they unearth their family trees. Kudrow's company, Is or Isn't Entertainment, will produce the programs, along with the U.K.'s Wall to Wall Productions.
The series will examine a star's family tree and uncover stories about love, secrets and triumphs in his or her family's past, while also weaving the family story into the larger narrative of American history."This show personalizes history and turns it into a gripping narrative," Kudrow says. "The most striking thing about the show is the realization of how connected we all are."

This is what the NBC website states about the upcoming show:

From producer Lisa Kudrow comes a new series that is unlike anything on U.S. television. Based on the popular BBC documentary series, Who Do You Think You Are? takes viewers on an inspiring and personal journey into the past of America's best-known celebrities, sharing their emotion and surprise as they uncover stories of heroism, tragedy, love and betrayal that lie at the heart of their family story. At the same time, the series celebrates the making of our great nation and the people who traveled here in search of freedom and opportunity.One-hour alternative series
Archive of celebrity ancestry info.
Ability for users to get started on a personal search into family history

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Series of Who Do You Think You Are? Starts

Hello All -

The new series of the popular family history program "Who Do You Think You Are?" is starting soon on BBC. The first episode starts to air 02 Feb 2009, 21:00 on BBC One. The first episode focuses on Rory Bremner. Here is a brief excerpt of the other celebrities involved from the BBC website.

In this series:
Rory Bremner tracks down people who saw his father in action during the Second World War
Fiona Bruce ploughs through trade directories and journals to find a family rogue
Rick Stein reads business letters describing the hardships faced by a missionary relative
Zoƫ Wanamaker examines FBI files about her father
Kevin Whately searches through burial records and parish registers to find an ancestor active in the Civil War.

There is talk of an American version too. Here is a excerpt from the "Who Do You Think You Are Magazine":

American Version of Who Do You Think You Are? In Production
It’s good news for American genealogists as US television network NBC is currently working on their own version of Who Do You Think You Are?
Co-executive produced by Friends actress Lisa Kudrow, the show researchers are currently looking into the family trees of interested celebrities to see if they make for compelling stories.
"I think at the heart of every American is the burning desire to understand who you are and where you came from," says Craig Plestis, head of alternative programming at NBC. "We hope this series will inspire our viewers to investigate their own intriguing past.”
The show’s format has proved popular worldwide with the program being exported to Canada, Australia and Poland. However, the American version will not air on US screens until late 2008 at the earliest.