Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finally A Scottish Genealogy Magazine

Hello All -

There is a new online genealogy magazine available, and it is for Scottish family history. It is called "Discover My Past Scotland." It can be found online at http://www.discovermypast.co.uk/index.php

This online magazine has just started. Issue One features the following (taken from the website):

A 40-page issue packed with special features and how-to guides to connect you with your Scottish Heritage:
Focus on St Andrew
Celebrate with Homecoming Scotland 2009
Find your lost-long relatives in Australia and New Zealand
Trace your Ancestors who worked in the Scottish textile trade
Learn more about heraldry
Track down your Aberdeen forebears
See how Edinburgh Edwardians enjoyed their leisure time
Plus Expert Family History Q&A, Dates for your Diary, as well as plenty of direct web links to facilitate your online research.

In my opinion it is about time that there was a magazine devoted to Scottish family history. I have previously blogged on this matter already. There are various levels of subscriptions available. A one year subscription is £25.00. That is not too shabby. As mentioned before, this magazine is available only online. I do hope that they will offer it as a "hard copy" in the stores later - I find it an "easier" read to have a book or magazine in my hands rather than on a computer monitor.

I have already looked at the magazine, and it is very well done. It has alot of information and web tools for the researcher. The website has a preview page to have a look at the contents of some of the pages of the magazine, which is good in order to make a decision to subscribe or not.
Overall, I think it is a good £25 spent to subscribe for the year.

Until Next Time -
Carolyn of MGS