Friday, September 19, 2008

Canadian Passanger List Part 2

Hello All -

Just to add to my previous post regarding the Canadian Passanger Lists - offers the list as well. The good thing about the Ancestry version is that you can search by name, which you can't do on the Canadian Archives site. If you are a member of or have a worldwide membership you can search this resource.

Not to give Ancestry a plug, but they do offer a free 14 day trial period, but it is usually in my view a good idea to pay for a membership as it is worth it. They are always putting up new databases to search.

Just a quick note on how a great thing it is to have the Canadian Passagner List online now - we were finally able to find my husband's great grandparents who immigrated there from Scotland. His family were always wanting to know about when they went and all the information about their trip. Because of this passanger list being online to search and to see the digital images, we now know the answers. Computers are such a wonderful tool for genealogy.

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Carolyn of MGS

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Scotster said...

Totally agree - computers have changed things so much with regards genealogy, not just in finding documents and online resources but also in actually bringing people together from all parts of the globe.