Monday, August 04, 2008

Need for a Scottish Family History Magazine

Hello All -

When I go to the local booksellers the first place that I go to is the magazine section, and have a look at the latest issues of the family history publications. This last time when I got home, I thought that there is not really any magazine for just Scottish family history. I know that the Scottish Genealogical Society puts out their own publication, and that the main family history magazines put a small piece in their magazine about Scottish genealogy sometimes. But, what I mean is a magazine that is totally devoted to Scottish family history - have someone put out a nice glossy mag such as "Your Family Tree."

In my opinion there is enough material and interest that could make a nice magazine for just Scottish genealogy. There is just as many subjects to write about as is seen with the main magazines that are more geared towards English family history. Scottish family history is very popular, and there are numerous expats from Scotland and those who have Scottish ancestry that would be glad of such a publication. I know that I would be a buyer of such a magazine. I know that there are already about 5 different family history magazines out there for sale, but they don't really have much to offer for the Scottish family historian, except for the occasional edition that discusses the basics of Scottish genealogical research. There is more to Scottish family history then that. Well, maybe one day someone will do it - to me it is a great idea whose time has come.

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