Monday, April 30, 2007

Genealogy Software

Hello All -

I thought I would talk about genealogy software programs this time around. I have several that I have tried myself, as well as using them in my work for clients. There are numerous programs out there on the market now. The main one usually found in stores is Family Tree Maker, which was the first program I ever tried and used. It is an ideal program for beginners. For the more experienced software user, The Master Genealogist is a good one to use. And then there are all those in between.

All these programs vary in their abilities - input of information and output of charts, reports, etc. There are ones that allow a person to create a family webpage easily from their program. All of them will create GEDCOMS. It is really a matter of taste and ease of use as to which one is the right one for you. It also is a choice of what you wish to do with the program - create a family history book, create a family webpage, etc.

There are also software utility programs too - ones that will create pdf files, ones that will create maps (Animap is a good one for US genealogy), ones that will help you keep track on what sources you have found and what ones you need to look at (GenSmarts), ones that will help publish your family photos and fix any damage electronically with the on screen image (Paint Shop Pro, among several others), and many more out on the market - too many to list here.

I have found a couple of good websites that give a review and comparison of the various genealogy programs on the market today. They are:,, and

Really, in trying to choose a genealogy software program it is just a matter of what a person likes in a program, as well as how user friendly it is, and what purposes the program is to be used for (create a book, family webpage, store data, etc.). There could be an issue with cost too, but most of the programs are not too damaging to the budget - it will be worth the money to get all your information in one place and be able to do all sorts of thing with it fast and easy.

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Carolyn of MGS