Thursday, November 02, 2006

Scottish Genealogy Useful Addresses FYI

I thought I would give a link to many of the useful Scottish family history addresses - national, county, family history societies, among others. I wanted to give this link so that people will know where the various archives are in Scotland. There are times where someone may need to go to their local county archive rather than the national archives in Edinburgh. There are instances where the local archives have information that is not found elsewhere, for example local parish records, workhouse records, and various others. There are addresses for the local family history societies too. These are good if someone wants to become a member, as well as offering great publications regarding various parish information for each county/regional area that can be helpful.

In researching your family history it is important to know where to go to find the information you need. If possible you should search your local archives as well as the national archives in Edinburgh - it will give you a better chance of finding more information about your ancestor or family.

Here is the link that offers a great list of the address for Scottish family history for archives and information:

I hope that this link will be a useful tool for those who need it. Knowing where the archives are for researching your family history is crucial - they are the main key to finding your ancestors.

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Carolyn of MGS

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